There used to be hard rules as to who paid for certain wedding expenses. With the life styles of today, money matters are open to negotiation, depending on the individual families involved. Below you will see the expenses as they are traditionally divided.

Responsibilities Of The Bride And/Or Her Family

The wedding invitations, announcements and postage.
The wedding gown, accessories and trousseau.
Rental of the location for the ceremony, the aisle cloth, canopy, music, programs. Flowers for the bridesmaids', the church and the reception.
The grooms' ring, boutonniere and the gift from the bride.
Transportation for the wedding party to and from the ceremony and the reception.
The rental of the location for the reception the food, beverages, music, wedding cake and guest book.
All photography and video expenses.
The bridesmaids lodging, luncheon and gifts.
Her physical and blood test.

Responsibilities Of The Groom And/Or His Family

The engagement and wedding rings for the bride.
The marriage license and officiant's fee.
His wedding attire.
The brides bouquet, her going away corsage and boutonnieres for his groomsmen as well as corsages for both mothers and grandmothers.
His gift to the bride and his groomsmen.
His bachelor party and the rehearsal dinner.
Travel and lodging for his family.
His physical and blood test.
The Honeymoon

Responsibilities Of The Attendants

Wedding attire if not provided by the bride.
Travel expenses.
Gifts for the bride.
The bachelor party, if not hosted by the groom.
The bridesmaids' luncheon, if hosted by the bride.